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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London.

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Grewal Twins

CAFFE CONCERTO - Westfield, London

How can it be that a decade ago we were 16 years old?! I know we look about 16 but the main thing is that we feel 18 and we all know it’s not about how old you are but how old/young you feel. Some days we feel 20. It doesn’t go any more than that. We just don’t let it. Are we in denial? Of course not. Your 20’s are your selfish years where you are old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. It’s the time to travel, explore, siesta in the day and fiesta all night! Be crazy, be wild, let go, be risky, be spontaneous, be free and adventurous, fall in and out of love! Put simply, these days are ours (Fonsy et al, Happy days circa 1970s?) 

For our 26 ‘going on 16’ birthday celebrations, we decided to go to a few different restaurants with good company in the form of friends and family to eat, drink and be merry (non alcoholic of course).

On the morning of our birthday, we were surprised and treated to Nuad Thai massage by our eldest sister who really has the best gift ideas and knows how to spoil us. This was a great start to the day and we highly recommend Nuad Thai clinic in Ealing for their superbly friendly staff and very good prices. 

This was followed by lunch at The Ivy which was an unusual dining experience. Dimly lit with dark green leather sofas and stained glass windows, the decor can be likened to a traditional Gentleman’s Club (not the Spearmint Rhino kind). The conversations were low and there was was an odd silence about the air; all that could be heard was the clinking of wine flutes and cutlery being cleared from the tables. The food was enjoyable and the staff were extremely attentive but then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less. We skipped starters and went straight for the kill with the mains and dessert. I had the spinach and ricotta ravioli while Sukhman had deep fried haddock with with minted pea puree, chips and tartare sauce. For dessert, we each had chocolate souffle with mint ice cream. We’re not too keen on mint but this dessert was divine. The hot souffle coupled with the cool mint ice cream satisfied our sweet tooth and worked as a palette cleanser-double bonus! 

The Ivy has a strict policy of no photography and no phones on the table so as sneaky as we usually are, we just couldn’t take any images of the interior or the food. 

There was a two hour gap between lunch and dinner with the family which was at Caffe Concerto. We love a bit of dinner jazz and so it was great that our evening was accompanied by live music on the grand piano and a birthday shout out by their resident pianist. Most of us ordered the grilled seabass with sauté baby potatoes, fennel, green beans and carrots topped with a cold dressing of diced tomato, shallots, lemon and extra virgin olive oil (breathe!) as the fish is perfectly cooked and flavorsome. Here are some images from our evening which was made eventful and unforgettable by our family’s company and the cheeky shenanigans of our niece.


This is a quirky yet sophisticated kind of Italian restaurant. The food and the ambience are both of star quality and the prices are not bad either. 

Ever wanted to know what the future of dining looks like? Keep your eyes peeled for our second birthday post at the interactive Japanese restaurant, Inamo St James. 


INAMO - St. James, London

THE RITZ - Green Park