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DISHOOM - Covent Garden, London

Dishoom (n.) 

1. The distinct sound effect of a punch or kick most commonly used in Hindi Cinema/Bollywood fight scenes. 

2. A Bombay Cafe in Shoreditch and Covent Garden

pronounciation | ‘di-shum’ 

(for authenticity, say twice). 

Anyone who grew up watching a Bollywood film with an epic fight scene will be all too familiar with this sound - it’s just so unrealistic that a serious fight scene ends up being comical (pretty sure this is not the effect the directors were going for). 

Don’t worry if you have no idea what I’m talking about - here’s a short clip which demonstrates the above to a perfect TEE!

Click to hear the ‘Dishoom’ sound effect in action

Having dined at the Shoreditch branch, we decided to check out the Covent Garden branch too. Is it possible to fall in love twice? You bet. Both branches are spacious, and interior-wise they both look and feel authentic. We actually felt like we were in India (a great thing if you love India, not so great if you obviously don’t)!

Hot chai was served to us and those waiting outside the restaurant for a free table - now that’s what we call true Indian hospitality!


Menu-wise, we were truly satisfied with what we ordered:

Paneer Roll (if you love Paneer…enough said. Oh, and there’s green leaves and mint chutney nicely filled in there too. Nice and tight.)

Mahi Tikka (scrumptious Basa fillet with a yogurt marinade…drooling much?)

Vada Pau (described on the menu as ‘Bombay’s version to London’s Chip Butty’ - it is what it is.)

Cheese Naan (cheddar cheese is melted inside a warm naan bread. Genius idea.)

House Chai (really could have had this at home, but this was pretty damn good too). 

The rest of the Covent Garden Menu can be viewed by clicking…here!

Dishoom is a cool cafe-restaurant: it wonderfully pays homage to the traditional Cafe’s first introduced to the city of Bombay by the Persians. In present day Bombay, only a few of these eateries now remain. 

As a buzzing cafe-style restaurant which serves ‘Afternoon Chai’ and a ‘Bombay Breakfast’,  you can get a real taste of bustling Bombay at both Dishoom restaurants. 

Dishoom - the only ‘kick and punch’ you’re gonna get here is from the spices. (what a great tag line, if I say so myself).

Pratik Naik - Solstice Retouch

Pratik Naik - Solstice Retouch