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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London.

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Grewal Twins

SALCOMBE - Devon, England

SALCOMBE - Devon, England

A magnificent water front, yachts, and restaurants with a nautical English charm: this is the beautiful little harbour town of Salcombe. 

Situated in the South Hams, in the southerly tip of Devon, this is an ideal place to visit (or live) for those who love natural beauty and water sports. The town is very picturesque and it is a great place to whip out your camera and practice your ‘Landscape Photography’ skills. 

There are a good number of seafood restaurants and country pubs to fuel up on as well as charming little gift shops too. Our first pit-stop was at a beach cafe called The Winking Prawn where we tucked into a crab-meat baguette each. This was followed by a second pit-stop for a few drinks at the 'Rose & Crown’, which is situated 30 minutes away in the town of Yealmpton. 

There are two quirky things to note about this pub: the drink-related quotes painted on the ceiling, and the fact that the pub itself is right opposite Old Mother Hubbard’s cottage. 

As you can see from below, Old Mother Hubbard’s cottage is now a fully-functioning Chinese Restaurant. Not sure what Old Mother H would make of this…

There is definitely more to England than London (kind of goes without saying, but here I am saying it anyway) and it is totally worth checking out the English Riviera and it’s beautiful coastal towns. 

ST. IVES - Cornwall, England

ST. IVES - Cornwall, England

FORTNUM & MASON - Piccadilly