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THE RITZ - Green Park

We went to The Ritz to celebrate Savi’s ‘Swan’ which is a classier version of a 'Hen party’. Savi(by the way)is one of our eldest sisters and is extremely sophisticated and stylish; Afternoon Tea at The Ritz therefore seemed quite a fitting place to celebrate her 'Swan’. 

This is probably the place for high tea; it is traditional English tea in all senses of the word and it was an almost perfect experience for us. We say almost because it was a little pretentious in the sense that you can’t entirely be yourself here. We had to watch that we didn’t drop any crumbs and that our spoons weren’t clinking too loudly in the cup. These tiny details might sound ridiculous but once you’re there you feel they do matter because their staff watch over as everybody dines so you feel that you have to be on your best behaviour all the time! 

We didn’t feel relaxed here as we did at The Dorchester however, we were blown away by the tea room because it is gilded in gold, is really extravagant (as expected) and the service is second to none.

 At our session of tea, we were the only Desis/Indians and so the resident pianist, Ian Gomes (the personal pianist of Frank Sinatra!), played us instrumentals from Bollywood songs on the Grand Piano which was a real treat as we do love our Bollywood! 

If you get a chance to have tea at The Ritz then you have to meet Ian. He really is the most nicest and humble person you will ever meet and we were lucky enough to have him play at Savi’s wedding reception too. He knows a lot of romantic Bollywood songs and we were all well impressed.

The food at the Ritz obviously can’t be faulted. Aside from the individual desserts you get as part of the tea menu, the waiters were also going around with fresh pastries and tarts which were not on the menu. These sweet little treats were just too good to describe. Little slices of Heaven, one might say!

Afternoon tea at The Ritz is from £42.00 per person and with it being on the upper end of the ‘high tea’ market, we would recommend this experience for a really special person or a momentous occasion. 

CAFFE CONCERTO - Westfield, London