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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London, UK

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Grewal Twins

Rahao || 2 || 6 ||

Rahao || 2 || 6 ||

We started learning Kirtan (devotional singing) from the age of eight, but we didn't always understand the depth of what we were reading and singing. However, in the above Shabad, we did understand the general theme because of the words, 'Mother', 'Womb' and 'Protector'.
This particular verse is taken from one of our favourite Shabads we used to sing when we were younger: 

RASNA JAPTI TUHI TUHI - My tongue only chants your name

Whilst we were growing up, we undoubtedly believed in the concept of 'God'. Over the years, however, we we have developed our own understanding of this concept in terms of an Energy, rather than 'a man in the clouds'. Whilst negative Energies and Auras exist, so too do positive Energies. This is what we now understand 'God' to be; a positive, uplifting force. For us, it is the honest thought in our mind, the pure space in our hearts, and the conscious effort to practise compassion and kindness. 

Whichever label we use to call 'God', ultimately it cannot be denied that there is a Supreme Energy that sustains all life forms in the Mother's womb; or Father's womb if you are a seahorse! The Divine does not discriminate; so whether the baby is a boy or girl, the Supreme Energy just strives to keep the unborn child alive. One moment and breath at a time.

Photographed by Navjit Surdhar

Rahao || 3 || 6 ||

Rahao || 3 || 6 ||

Rahao || 1 || 6 ||

Rahao || 1 || 6 ||