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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London.

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Grewal Twins

Once upon an Enchanted Afternoon

Once upon an Enchanted Afternoon

…in a majestic far-off land, a Princess with long hair as black as the night, sat upon her balcony looking out into the distant horizon. A few enchanted afternoons earlier, she was visited by a dashing Prince from a nearby Kingdom who was taking his horse to roam. Suddenly he heard a most angelic voice, singing an afternoon Raag. His heart whispered, ‘Follow the voice’ and so he did as his heart desired, until his heart brought him to the balcony where the Princess was singing. The Princess was high up in the balcony, so she was concealed from the view of the Prince. But, they managed to exchange a brief conversation by way of a carrier pigeon - the message from the Prince was a request to hear the Princess sing some more. She replied with her message, 'As you so wish, however return tomorrow afternoon, as I have already sung to my heart’s content today’.

So, each afternoon, the Prince returned to the balcony to listen to the enchanting voice of the Princess. The Princess remained ready, each afternoon, adorned with her finest jewellery (for own delight) to sing to her heart’s content.

Through her songs, the Prince learned a great deal about the Princess: her wishes, dreams and fears. Through her song, and without having placed so much as a finger on her, he fell in love with her story, and so he fell in love with her. 

Photographed by Navjit Surdhar

Story, Concept & Styling by GREWAL TWINS

HMUA by Savi Grewal 


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