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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London, UK

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Grewal Twins

Rahao || 6 || 6 ||

Rahao || 6 || 6 ||

Our final and most favourite image in the RAHAO series, released on the day of our 29th birthday.

Each year we celebrate our birthday, we are reminded that the clock is ticking. Each milestone we reach marks another year closer to the beginning of the Eternal beginning: Death. 

There is a saying by Andy Rooney - an American radio writer - ''Death is but a distant rumour to the young''. Death is the only thing in life guaranteed for us all, yet it is a Truth we all try to avoid. To accept that Death will also known on our door is a bitter pill to swallow; our Ego's cannot comprehend that we too will cease to exist in our human form. 

This verse from Salok Mahalia 9, written by Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, quite directly reminds us of the inevitable and unavoidable. All the money and status in the world cannot allow you to negotiate a deal with Death of buying more Time; so let us make a positive difference in one another's lives, to travel, to sing, to dance, to laugh, to cry, to bruise, to forgive, to let our triumphs uplift us and our tribulations guide us, to learn and above all to LOVE, because Death is as close as the next breath we may not take. 


Photographed by Navjit Surdhar Photography




Rahao || 5 || 6 ||

Rahao || 5 || 6 ||