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MUSIC MONDAY - Ghalla Guriyan

One of our faves from Punjabi MC - this song is Sufi in it's nature and in Raag Megh (a Raag close to our heart), which is why we were instantly drawn to it when we first heard it...all those years ago.

A typical component of Sufi songs is the parallel between the relationship of God 'Beloved' with that of a 'Lover'; whereby the writer explains their love and attachment for God in the same way as One would for their husband, wife, partner etc. 

We've offered a rough translation below, as it's tricky to translate deep Punjabi poetry and songs into layman English!


O Bulleh Shah (the Great Indian writer and sage)...come put my nosering, my Ghagri (long Indian skirt), and beautiful earrings on me so that I can worship my Beloved, even if people laugh at me. 

Ghalla Gurian Karaange Tere Naal Ve
We will have deep, romantic and secret conversations with one another...don't tell anybody about our deep, romantic conversations

Akkha Lariyan Te Hoya Burra Haal Ve...
When our eyes met, you put me in a bad state as I became crazy for you

Jado Karda Kisse Noon Koi Pyar Ve...
Whenever two lovers fall in love, the world teases them for it and give them a hard time.
Be mindful! The World is our enemy, so...don't tell anyone about secret talks

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