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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London.

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MUSIC MONDAY - Madhaniyan



Madhaniyan is a traditional Punjabi Wedding song, in which the entire song is sung from the viewpoint of a Bride leaving her family home, and bidding her parents farewell as she leaves the comforts and familiarity of her family home for a foreign land and new family.

Nowadays, it's pretty much the norm for many of us to be able to exercise the privilege of choosing our own life partners; but the sentiment of being far away from your Mother or other family members who you grew up with (and missing them sorely) is an emotion that many modern Brides still experience today.

To celebrate 'Mother's Day' here in the UK, we have chosen to dedicate today's Music Monday to all Mothers everywhere (who sometimes have a funny way of showing us their love, but whose hugs make everything better!), and the Mothers who are no longer here with us in body; but live on with us in Spirit through the precious memories of them we dearly cherish. 

Got bit emotional myself towards the end of the song...and I still live with my Mum!

- Sukhman



Rupy C. Tut - Art by Rupy

Rupy C. Tut - Art by Rupy