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Baljinder Kaur - Blahjinder

Baljinder Kaur - Blahjinder

There goes a saying, ''The eyes are the window to the soul'' - and whilst this is true, we feel there is another way to see into someone's soul, especially if they are miles away from you!

The work of a visual artist (painter, illustrator etc) can often show you what things stir their soul, and to some extent, a layer of their personality too. 

When we were introduced to Baljinder Kaur's pictures and paintings on Instagram, the words that came to mind were 'innocent', 'dreamlike', and 'gentle'. We're big believers in vibes, energies and frequencies and so after watching a video she released on Insta called, 'Life of Bally-jinder' , we definitely picked up on the vibe that Baljinder is an innocent and gentle soul, who possibly enjoys daydreaming!

Our suspicions were confirmed when Baljinder agreed to share a space on our blog with us and we read her answers to our questions below; honesty and sincerity emanate from each one of her responses.

Baljinder, thank you for captivating us with your artwork, and now your answers!

Tell us about Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur is a 26 year old vessel trying to find her way back home, to her timeless infinite Soulself.

What challenges do you face on a day-to- day basis or have you faced in your line of work?

How to remain genuine and free-spirited as an Artist, yet also level-headed biznis enough to make a fair living. People connect with the Arts, but few seem to financially support or invest in them. Sometimes it’s lead me to question my own sense of self-worth. ‘Are these efforts actually worth anything?’ And then I’m reminded of course, that worth isn’t measured by monies.

 If you had to, what would you get tattooed on your forehead?

Patience and Persistence



 How do you stay motivated?

Remind myself of all of my privileges. My basic needs are met, I have a loving family, but most importantly, unlimited access to my Guru. How do I make this breath more worthy of having all of that?

What makes you feel good?

Tea and Biscuits (short-term)

When I witness or experience incredible magic or talent. Some form of phenomenal practice or craftsmanship, that seems to come from a place beyond this ‘i'. For instance, kirtan directly from the Soul, a mind-blowing theatre show, or a pretty nature-walk. It always brings me back to something my Husband once wrote, "The beauty in existence is there to remind us of the beauty of our own existence”

All this also becomes a source of inspiration.



 What’s been your greatest struggle (in your life or work), and how do you generally overcome negative emotions?

Throughout most of adolescent life I really struggled with myself existentially, which often drowned and buried me in deep dark holes. With time, through much self-work, I experience those clouds less intensely and frequently. My remedy is; pause, react less, step back and let the cloud pass (believing whole-heartedly, that it WILL pass).

 How have your family and friends encouraged you to pursue what you are doing?

They have always been extremely supportive and valued the work that goes into this. They are my faith, when I am my doubt.

In weaker moments, when my self-worth is on all time low, and I’ve considered getting a ‘proper’ job so that I can gratify my existence with a ‘proper' income, my Husband has been there to nudge me back into myself. He would never let me give this up, over something so temporal. We both believe in a higher purpose.

 Where do you draw inspiration from for your creative work or outlook in life?

The desire to try and make more sense of things, or at least ‘feel’ that sense, even if I don’t quite understand it. The ache to connect deeper, through Gurbani (Sikh Scriptural Text), to Gurbani. Because Gurbani is Guru.

(In addition to the things that make me feel good, mentioned earlier)



 Who/what inspires you?

This precious body and breath. I feel incredibly fortunate to have it, in fairly good condition too. There is nothing I could ever offer in return for such a gift, other than praise for the One who gave it. For me, praise means to practice gratitude, celebrate love and understand truth. To re-connect with that One.

 You are having a dinner party – which three people would you invite,  and why?

Guru Nanak, Bhai Mardana and Bhagat Puran Singh.

I wouldn’t have anything to say, but I would love to serve, listen, and observe.

How would they speak to each other? What would the energies feel like? Would they sing and the play the Rabaab, LIVE?! 



What advice would you give to anyone looking to pursue the arts full-time?

Be authentic to yourself. Fear, doubt and disbelief, let them go. If you love what you do, let that carry you through. Have patience and persistence.

Tell us an interesting fact you would like to share!

I used to have constant nosebleeds as a child. One day my mother made me snort mustard oil and they suddenly magically stopped!



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