Grewal Twins

We are Sukhman & Hernoor Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London.

Welcome to our blog

Our way of life is styled by our British- Sikh-Punjabi identity, which influences how we express ourselves in our daily routines and creative endeavours  

Peace & Light,
Grewal Twins

numero uno

numero uno

When I'm with you I'm always discovering something new, you never let me down, and you always know how to leave me more than satisfied. 

Everytime we meet, I fall in love with you...all over again. 

Best of all, I feel right at home with you. 

That's why you'll always be my number ONE - my beautiful city, London.


MUSIC MONDAY - Langh Aaja Patan Chana Da

MUSIC MONDAY - Jag Ghoomeya