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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London.

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Grewal Twins

the first time

the first time hurt. A lot. Just like everyone said it would. Just like I had read about in all the books and magazines. 

All my friends had already gone through it. 

They said that it hurts initially, that it's supposed to hurt. 

All the people I spoke to had told me, that after some time, you just somehow forget the pain. 

And that after you get over how sore you feel...

...after they penetrate you for the first time, somehow it gets better and you start to forget that it ever hurt in the first place. 

I don't get what they mean, 'cos after I gave you another go, it still hurt.

I might not be as experienced as others, but even I know it's not meant to hurt this much. 

I was in my twenties. That was the first time I ever had my
heart broken. 
I promised myself I would never let this happen to me again. 

I'm just glad I didn't let it get as far as sex. 

- 6th Feb, 2016

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