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Boisdale, Belgravia

Boisdale, Belgravia

If you do a Google search of 'best jazz restaurants in London', you can be sure it will bring up Boisdale in the list of results. Boisdale of Belgravia- (they have other branches in Mayfair, Canary Wharf and Bishopsgate) is a blend of traditional Scottish and modern British cuisine. Specialising in Hebridean produce such as lobster and scallops, right through to Aberdeenshire steak and 'The Famous Grouse' (not the drink but the game bird), Boisdale can be described as a 'carnivore's dream'. If like me you are not a whisky drinker or a cigar smoker,  then you won't be too concerned with the rare malt whiskeys that Boisdale pride themselves in, nor will their famed cigar terrace be of interest to you.  I do however love a spot of jazz, which is what enticed me to this restaurant in the first instance.

Boisdale Belgravia

Boisdale Belgravia

As mentioned, Boisdale's menu is more suited to the palette of a meat-eater, and though the vegetarian options are limited, I still enjoyed my wild nettle fusilli. It was filling, flavoursome and tasted fresh. My husband opted for the char-grilled chicken breast and summer beans which he also thoroughly enjoyed. The prices are a bit dear for meat, but I suppose you are paying for it being regionally sourced, and therefore you could consider it somewhat of a speciality in that sense. 

The highlight for us was the live music- after the rare meats and whiskeys, Boisdale is known as one of London's best venues for live enternatinment. A combination of jazz, blues and soul, it really adds to the dining experience and makes for a rather special night out. You can of course also head down to Boisdale for just the music, if whiskeys and speciality meats are not your thing. You may have to reserve a table ahead for the music only if it is during peak days i.e. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and if you are unable to get a table on any of these days, Boisdale plays live music every night. 

We also dined at the Canary Wharf branch, but the corporate surroundings didn't add to the appeal for us. It's interiors are more spacious than the Belgravia branch, which is more intimate and homely in comparison-  it is a converted Georgian Townhouse after all. We will be visiting again during Christmas when they host their annual Christmas classic tributes to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin as well as other iconic Jazz singers. 


MUSIC MONDAY - Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein

MUSIC MONDAY - Kehnde Ne Naina