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Santorini - Greece

Santorini – this idyllic, gotta-see-it-to-believe-it, romantic Greek Island served as the backdrop to our 30th birthday celebrations. Named after Saint Irene, this breath-taking Mediterranean gem has a reputation for being a honeymoon destination and its clear to sea why. That said, it’s still a wonderful getaway for mature family members – sorry kids, this trip is for adults only.

This island is famed for its whitewashed homes that are perched high on the cliffside overlooking the endless and mighty Aegean Sea. Another common sight are the royal-blue domed churches, which are dotted all around the Cyclades, with each one built for the family of sailors, to pray for their well-being out at sea, and safe return home.

The highlights of this trip were the spectacular sunsets, staying in a converted Windmill, and the fresh and flavoursome produce. Our favourite plates included Fava Beans and Santorini Salad. Here in London, a salad is a sad and sore sight on our plates But in the land of the famous Santorini tomatoes, the Santorini Salad is as wonderful as the Island itself. The fish is great here too (Navi’s words, not ours!) One thing we cannot forget the taste of is the light-as-a-cloud whipped Greek Yoghurt with local honey for breakfast.

We’ll now let the photos do the talking…

Where we stayed:
Windmill Villas

What we saw:
White-washed houses clustered together, Church domes painted in bright blue, the endless Aegean Sea at Sunrise and Sunset

Where we ate:
Argo Restaurant


Aegeon Restaurant

How we got about:

Since our Villa was in Imerovigli, some distance outside of the popular cities of Thira and Oia, we rented a car. We also ordered a taxi a few times because have you seen the craggedy winding hilltop roads?

What we learned:
That we absolutely love Greek cuisine, that Santorini tomatoes are the most juicest we’ve ever had, the Greeks know hospitality, why Santorini is a romantic island, that the temperature drops significantly during the evening despite highs of 25 during the day, that blue and white make for a calming colour combination

Watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea, waking up in a converted Windmill, indulging in the most delicious plates of food and relaxing and unwinding to the max amid postcard perfect views.


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