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Dadima's Mindful Cooking with Little Chefs

Dadima's Mindful Cooking with Little Chefs

Anni and Dr Geeta Ludhra (PhD) are the Mother - Daughter duo behind Dadmia’s - a heritage food & lifestyle brand inspired by Anni’s own dadima (paternal grandmother). Anni’s mission with dadima’s is to create legacies for grandmothers (and grandfathers) who wish to share their culinary knowledge and life wisdom.

Anni and Geeta regularly host exclusive one-day cooking workshops for both adults and little chefs in their 5-star food hygiene rated kitchen. Dadima’s workshops are based on values of gratitude, respect and kindness. Anni and Geeta take a mindful cooking approach – something that dadimas have perfected for generations – through activities such as engaging with raw ingredients and having conversations around the sensory qualities of food. Dadima’s was created with a vision to celebrate the food stories of grandparents, and bring together different generations whilst doing do

We enrolled our 8 year old niece on the children’s Easter cooking workshop and were excited for her to be a part of the Dadima’s culinary journey. We have been friends with Anni and Geeta on social media for a while, and are inspired by the Dadmia brand and ethos. When we heard of the little chef’s cooking class, we were eager to get our niece involved as she already enjoys cooking up her own delights in the kitchen!

The ‘mindful cooking with little chefs’ are one-day cookery workshops to engage children with hands-on cooking activities in a safe, clean and nurturing environment. Dadima’s food teaching philosophy is inspired by the way a loving dadima would teach her family to cook – through a nurturing approach and with her children’s nourishment in mind.

Our niece had such a fun and informative day learning how to make traditional recipes such as aloo paratha (chapati stuffed with potato and spices), kichdi (rice and lentil dish), coconut ladoo, and rainbow salad to name a few. The children learned the following:

  • Food hygiene and Safety

  • Experience of heritage Indian food, celebrating dishes which have been passed down from our own grandmothers!

  • Foodie creative writing

  • Work as a team

  • Health benefits of certain vegetables and spices

At the start of the class, our niece was a little apprehensive, but the lovingly warm and amicable Anni eased our nieces nerves, tying her apron on for her and writing her name label with authentic attention and dedication. Within moments, our niece was relaxed and ready to start her cooking class. This was my first time meeting Anni and her Mum. Straight away I knew our niece would be in safe hands, seeing the love and attention Anni and Geeta gave to each child; it was reassuringly beautiful. At the end of the day when it came to collecting our niece, she pleaded to stay since she had such a great time. Even on the drive home and just before bed our niece was re-living the day she had at the cooking workshop, and asked if she could attend another one! I saw first hand how Anni and Geeta - true to the Dadima ethos, provide a nurturing approach with the child’s nourishment in mind.


Click here to view and book the next Dadima’s cooking class for your little chef!

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