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Gurds Hundal

Gurds Hundal

This month, we have a health coach and motivational speaker sharing her life experiences with us on the blog. She also happens to be an October baby, like us!

Gurds Hundal is is a British inspirational speaker, transformational life coach and author who empowers her clients to shine into their light through the art of self-love, forgiveness with a holistic blend of spirituality.

Over the first 20 years of her life, Gurds endured a series of traumatic events including: childhood trauma, depression, regeneration of her left arm and more. She openly shares how she overcame these traumas to transform her thinking, rewire her mindset, find peace within, and embrace a zest for life.


Tell us about Gurds.

Gosh where do I start! 

I'm a bit of a weirdo - ha! I'm a British inspirational speaker, transformational life coach and author. I've always been passionate about helping others - it's in my DNA! However, I never planned on being a coach. I trained as a broadcast journalist and worked for several media firms including the BBC, ITV and CTV National News. However in 2012, I had a wake up call that transformed my life forever. 

Aged 25, I was sat alone in a hospital room, waiting for my cancer scare results and up until that moment, my career was on point; however my personal life was a turbulent mess of deep depression, toxic relationships, trauma, anger, guilt and so much more. Having experienced challenge after challenge, I decided to make some radical life changes. 

Some may call it a midlife crisis but for me, it was a true awakening to lead a happier, healthier and spiritual life. I left my coveted job in media and went on a journey of healing and self-love. I began to look from within and heal broken wounds, create compassion and see life in a joyful manner. Most of all, I learnt how to trust my inner GPS. 

Let's fast forward to today. I am happy, healthy, loved and supported. How did I get here? Honestly, the answer is self-love. These days, I love helping people to step into their authentic power and create extraordinary lives that make them feel emotionally and spiritually happy.

Gurds 1 00.04.30.jpeg

What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis or have you faced in your line of work? 

Within the media industry, I endured a lot of challenges from sexism to racism in the newsroom. I was often told that I was "well spoken for an Asian lady." Like what does that even mean? I still remember aged 20, being shocked at this statement. It's sad that despite living in the 21st century, we still have to hear these kinds of statements. However, these statements shouldn't deter us, it should empower us, against all adversity to live our dreams. 

Within the coaching industry, I've experienced online bullying from other coaches. If they don't like what you're saying whether it's a quote, Facebook live or your personality, they think it's okay to be cruel. It’s great that we have freedom of speech, however we are all part of the divine and we are all vibrations of love. If we disagree with someone we should ask, instead of judging or harming that person. We all learn from each other.

If you had to, what would you get tattooed on your forehead aka, what's your motto?

I would say BELIEVE. To me that word means having hope when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I had my lowest moments in my life, the times I wanted to leave this world, I heard a voice inside of me saying, "Get up and believe." This saved my life many times. I firmly believe that we all have a gift in this world. No-one is you, and that’s your beauty - just believe. 


How do you stay motivated?

Some call it higher power, God, universe. For me, my connection with the divine continually reminds me that I'm here to serve others. On this planet, I'm here to help people heal from within emotionally and spiritually. When I was at my lowest point, I had no help and had to pull myself out of the darkness and into the light. I don't want anyone to go through this alone, and that's what keeps me motivated. 

My clients. They motivate me to empower them to look from within and heal broken wounds, while creating compassion and embrace self-love. Sometimes they teach me more about life, than they realise. They are the true inspirations, for allowing me to help them heal. 

What makes you feel good? 

1. Music - nothing beats the healing powers of sounds – endorphins! 

2. Meditation - it's my daily habit.

3. Writing - it saved my life and heals my soul.

4. Loving relationships - with family and friends.

5. Inspirational conversations - whether that's on the podcast or random people I meet on my journey. 

6. Being childish - I'm a wild child at heart. 

7. Reading - it fuels my soul.

8. Crystals (healing ones)  - Oh my, I love finding new gems. 

9. Having spiritual chats about life, healing and positive vibes.

10. Going for random strolls and trusting my intuition to lead the way. I always end up finding new places. 

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What's been your greatest struggle, and how do you generally overcome negative emotions? 

My greatest struggle has to been healing my own life. Not, only did I have a cancer scare, I had to overcome several emotional and health challenges one after another, including a car accident when I was 21, where I had short term memory loss.

In my teens I had an eating disorder, which was linked to having a lack of control in my life. Later, I had depression where I thought that I didn't deserve love.

Aged 18, I had met the love of my life at the time and we had planned on getting married when we were 21, unfortunately, he transcended in a car accident when I was 19. As you can imagine I went through a lot of trauma and saw lots of pain in my life. 

Aged 22, my left arm stopped working in Canada when I worked for CTV National News. It took 6 months to regenerate it. I also became addicted to medicines and alcohol was my way to release the pain. 

I overcame all of this all by firstly, forgiving others and then myself. I believe the power of forgiveness is so therapeutic; it allows us to lift all the weight off our shoulders that we've been holding onto for so long. When we forgive, we heal.

Secondly, I overcome negative emotions through self-love. When we truly love and accept ourselves, everything in life flows. We suddenly become a magnet for miracles. Our mind becomes happy, our soul feels relaxed and our well-being improves. Suddenly we radiate positive energy. Whenever a negative feeling pops into my head, I remind myself to stay present and then I close my eyes and put my hand on my heart and say, “I am a soul” – all my worries disappear.

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How have your family and friends encouraged you to pursue what you are doing? 

They're the first to buy my book, cheer me on at events, call me to wish me luck for an interview and listen to my podcasts. Some of my friends say things like, "you're the next Oprah Winfrey" or "you inspire me to succeed", which makes me cry, everytime!

Even though some of my extended family members do not understand my line of work, (since it's not the traditional route of work) they're super supportive. I guess it's cool having a published author in the family!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work or outlook or who/what inspires you? 

Louise Hay. I recently learnt of Louise last year and burst into tears. We have both been through similar journeys and she also self healed herself via healing techniques and positive philosophy. She founded Hay House in her 60's, and followed her dreams and trusted in her own magic. Louise demonstrates that it doesn't matter who you are or where from, you can heal and follow your dreams regardless of your age. 

Children. They're free spirits, they do not care what others think. They live in their own bubble and radiate beautiful energy and light. I often find that when I spend time with children, they heal our inner child. We get so caught up in the busy world of life, that children remind us to be present and free. 

Sikhi. I grew up going to the Gurdwara every weekend, singing Kirtan on stage and understanding the importance of Sewa. Sikhi reminds me of being a fighter and standing up for my beliefs and trusting in my own spiritual light. Sikhi inspires me to be a warrior and not a worrier.   


You are having a dinner party - which three people would you invite, and why? 

Louise Hay - unfortunately, she transitioned in August this year, however her spirit alone is beautiful. I would love to hear her stories and what inspired her to heal.

Heather Dane - she's an awesome source of love and light. Heather and I have become good friends recently and her knowledge in indigenous healing inspires me. Plus we'd get up to a lot of mischief! Hehe.

Oprah, she was the first ethnic lady to inspire me that it was possible to become a journalist. I love her energy and deep passion for inspiring and empowering millions of lives across the world. 

They are all strong independent women with a fierce dedication to help others heal.

Tell us an interesting fact you would like to share!

I always start things as a joke and then they end up becoming true – so be careful for what you wish for, hehe. For example, I quit drinking as a joke - five years on I'm sober. I quit meat as a joke - four years on I'm a vegetarian. I started speaking for fun, now I speak on stage. The mind is so powerful; whatever you project is what you manifest!

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