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Our Destination Wedding- Part TWO

Our Destination Wedding- Part TWO


We started the planning process in January 2015 and liaised with the dedicated wedding planning team from Sandals based both here and in Miami. 

Everything from the wedding package, photography, type of ceremony, application for marriage license, and additional extras were taken care of with regular Skype calls. The only thing I would advise is to have patience when liaising as they are in a different time zone and there might be a delay with the response- as was the case with us, however, you can be assured that they take care of every minute detail. We experienced a slight issue with our first wedding consultant from Sandals based in Miami. She struggled to call us by our names and was not prompt with our Skype meetings. As you can imagine, this gave us reason to fret and added to the ever so slight pressure of planning a wedding abroad, however one phone call to the manager in the UK office expressing our disappointment at this service quickly resolved this. We were then given another wedding consultant from Miami who took care in pronouncing our names correctly and kept us up to date with regular emails and calls. No wedding planning is without its flaws! 

Our main concern was receiving the marriage certificate on time. We needed this for the Anand Karaj (Indian ceremony) in June but all the websites stated at least 6-8 weeks for the certificate to arrive via DHL post. Our civil wedding was in April and the Indian wedding first week of June, but fortunately for us, the registrar who conducted our ceremony had his ‘foot in the door’ (as he put it) with the registry office, and arranged for an expedited marriage certificate so that we could take it home with us. The timeframe to receive the marriage certificate is something worth considering if you do need a marriage certificate immediately for any reason.  

The penultimate day before the wedding we met our wedding planner in person at the resort and had the final consultation with her. Suan was also our witness and she was as friendly as can be. The final touches like cake flavour, bouquet/boutonniere and booking the venue (you can choose from the garden, or gazebo on the beach) are discussed the day before the wedding as well as the weddingmoon activities such as private dinner on the beach, special offers with spa treatments and breakfast in bed etc. You also choose what time you would like to get married. The dusk wedding is quite popular but costs a little more, so we chose a 10 am ceremony so that we could have the rest of the day to ourselves. Also worth noting is that there is a waiting period of 24 hours after which you can be legally married in Jamaica, provided that you have applied for a marriage license prior to arriving. This is one of the many legal processes and documentations that Sandals takes care of for you, so all you really have to be concerned with is getting yourself on a plane to the island of chill to have an irie time! 

Part 3 of 3 explains the nerves and excitement of the wedding day itself!

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