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Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix-en-Provence, France

When I was 22, I worked as a Sales Associate in L'occitane - a luxury French skincare company founded in Provence, in the southern countryside region of France. 

Before working for L'occitane, I had never even heard of Provence! But it wasn't long before I started to fall in love with this place, and all because of one large photograph hung up on the bright yellow wall in the shop that I used to work in.

The fairy-tale like scene of a mighty yet isolated tree standing in a field of lavender, canvassed against a gentle blue sky had me under some kind of magic spell. I was obsessed with the photo and with anything Provencal. So I popped Provence on my travel wish-list, and this summer I finally made that wish come true. 


After landing in Marseille by plane, I took a car into the French countryside of Provence - and what a scenic drive it was! Some of the dirt-tracks and green fields reminded me of the villages in Punjab.

I stayed in Cote Provence B&B, which is run by a wonderful family who have opened up their home to guests. Their home (tucked away in a little village called Le Thor) left me speechless and completely exceeded my imagination. Have a scroll through the pictures to see what I mean!

The interior was furnished in the fashion of a typical rustic farmhouse. The huge garden and grounds of the B&B feature a swimming pool, outdoor games (badminton, table tennis, and petanque ), and the serenity of the nearby river passing by at the bottom of the garden. 

The bedroom shutters overlook green countryside fields

The bedroom shutters overlook green countryside fields

Check your mates.

Check your mates.



I explored the region by car and by bike on a mini adventure of finding the region's famed fragrant fields of 'Blue Gold', aka Lavender. There are a few fields near to the B&B (such as the one in the image above) but the main fields are to be found in and around Apt, Gordes and Valensole. Just a whiff of the soothing scent of lavender was enough to put my mind and body at ease. 

What a cliche! A delightful cafe in the nearby town of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

What a cliche! A delightful cafe in the nearby town of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue




Senanque Abbey

Senanque Abbey


Mont Ventoux by sunset - the iconic symbol for cyclists of the Tour de France, who take up the challenge to ride up this beast of a climb

Mont Ventoux by sunset - the iconic symbol for cyclists of the Tour de France, who take up the challenge to ride up this beast of a climb


You can turn up the adventure dial by braving the climb to the summit of Mont Ventoux (Windy Mountain), aka the Giant of Provence. As I was driven up and around the mountain, I witnessed a few fit cyclists pedalling uphill with all their might. Some would call that madness. Others would call it literally living life to the edge.

Atop the mountain it was slightly cold (so bring a jacket!) and there was an eerie quietness all around, save for the odd gust of wind here and there. But the view of the Provencal landscape was simply spectacular and is not to be missed, unless you have a fear of heights. 



My weekend break to the sleepy villages of Provence was the ideal getaway into the calm of the southern French countryside, away from the cacophony of city life. 


Where we stayed:
Cote Provence

What we saw:
The lavender fields in Senanque Abbey, and fields in Valensole, Apt and Gordes

Where we ate:
Any restaurant that catered to a vegetarian diet in Avignon and L'isle sur la Sorgue

How we got about:
Mainly by car to the surrounding villages and towns, and by bike around the fields near to the B&B

What we learned:
People would rather take a ton of selfies and boomerang videos of the sun setting than actually watch the sunset itself, the bees are harmless in the lavender fields, that spiders do spin their webs in the fields, that restaurants close very early compared to what we are used to in the city, that the only vegetarian friendly food you can find here is pizza or a goats cheese salad

Walking among the soothing scent of lavender and watching the sunset behind the horizon of lavender in Valensole

A word of warning: best to head to the fields early morning or early afternoon, as tourists (with their phones and cameras in tow) swarm to the fields; unlike the very bumblebees that you will find hovering from one stalk of lavender to the next. Mind you, the bees were harmless, whereas the tourists were not! 


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