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We are Soni & Noorie Grewal - identical twins, born and bred in London, UK

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Grewal Twins

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang

YinYang Sari

Yin & Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophical concept representing the duality of life. Light and Darkness. Hot and cold. Negative and Positive. North and South. Male and Female. Twin 1 and Twin 2.

Symbollicaly, the Yin Yang is depicted as two bubble-style 'apostrophes' of the same size forming one complete circle. One half is white with a small black circle within it, and the other half is black with a small white circle within it.

What can be considered to be a polar opposing force or energy is actually complimentary to the other and in complete harmony with the natural order of the Universe. That's why, when it comes to romantic partners, opposites attract! โค๐Ÿน A singular force only exists because of its contrasting 'twin' energy. Light exists because of darkness. All energies and forces are interrelated. One cannot exist without the other.

This is a powerful concept which has served to remind us to look for the 'positives' in a 'negative' situation. Easier said than done, obviously! But such philosophical ideas help us to stay focused on 'the bigger picture' as opposed to getting 'lost in the (often unneccessary) details' of what can seem to be an unfavourable circumstance.

Here is a major flashback friday photo (maybe 10 years ago?!) of us expressing the age-old Chinese notion of spiritual dualism by pure default, in our contemporary Indian saris from the one and only Southall Broadway! ๐ŸŽนโšฝ๏ธ๐ŸŽฒ๐Ÿผ



TWINDIVIDUALS - Same. But different

TWINDIVIDUALS - Same. But different